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Fencing Company in West Covina

Do you need an West Covina fencing service? Stump Fence is the leading fencing contractor in West Covina. We can help with various fencing projects, including custom design and installation, fence replacement, and fence repair.

When you call our local fencing company in West Covina, you’ll get a no-obligation consultation where we review your needs. Our fencing company will recommend fence styles and materials that will work best for your needs.

Residential Fencing Contractor in West Covina

There are many types of fences that are great for use in residential areas. Many of our customers call our local fencing company for help with backyard enclosures. In addition to backyard enclosures, we can help you with these fencing projects:

  • Front yard enclosure
  • Garden border fencing
  • Pool area fencing
  • Property boundary fencing

In addition to these standard fencing projects, our fencing company has also completed specialty fencing projects for our customers. We can help custom-design a fence that meets your specific needs. Specialty fencing in residential includes dog kennels, complete garden enclosures, farm division, and more. If you have an existing fence in disrepair, we can help with plank replacement or other repairs to extend the fence’s longevity.

Commercial West Covina Fences

Some fencing companies are solely focused on residential fences, but our fencing company in West Covina can also complete commercial fences. You should install commercial West Covina fencing to protect your property and company assets.

We have worked with land developers, housing developers, apartment complexes, industrial complex owners, and more. Adding a commercial fence to your property can increase security while giving the area a uniform and professional look.

How to Choose a Fence

When searching for a fencing contractor near you, you might also be curious about how you’ll choose a fence style and material. Our fencing contractors will help you choose a fence style and material that will work for your needs by asking questions about your fencing project. Here are a few examples of questions that can help you narrow down a fence style and material:

  • Do you want to block visibility from outside the fence, or do you want open visibility?
  • Do you need to have a short, decorative fence, or a tall fence?
  • What area of your property are you trying to enclose or line?
  • Does your fence need to provide privacy or security?
  • How many gates do you want on your property?
  • Will your fence help with growing climbing plants or ivy?

Answering these questions can help you figure out which style you need. After all, you aren’t going to install a picket fence if you want to add privacy to your home or commercial property. Keep reading to learn more about your different material options when building a new fence.

Wood Fencing in West Covina

One of the most common materials used for fencing is wood. Wood is a versatile fencing material that can create privacy or leave an area open. Your wood fencing can be stained or painted in many different colors.

If you choose wood fencing, it’s important to have it sealed to protect the material from elements like rain. A wet environment can make your wood fence deteriorate faster. Our West Covina wood fencing planks are purchased from reputable suppliers who only deliver sturdy wood planks.

We work with our residential customers to match the colors of nearby fences and obtain the required fencing permits.

West Covina Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a good alternative to wood fencing. You can have colored vinyl fencing installed that looks like wood. Vinyl also comes in other colors like white and tan. All of the coloring processes are done by the vinyl fencing manufacturer. When you purchase vinyl fencing in West Covina, you won’t have to worry about painting, staining, or sealing your fence.

If you want vinyl fencing near you, call our fencing company today. We can help you with color, height, and style selection. We can also help with vinyl fencing repairs if you have an existing fence that’s been damaged or broken.

Chain Link Fencing in West Covina

Chain link fencing is made of galvanized metal wire. It can be used for many purposes because it’s easy to install and comes in varying heights. West Covina chain link fencing can be found at sports fields, public parks, schools, and so many other places.

Chain link fencing can be high-security fencing when combined with barbed wire. It can also make a pool or backyard enclosure. If you want a chain link fence, but are concerned with privacy, you can add PVC slats or mesh to block some visibility.

Wrought Iron Fencing in West Covina

Wrought iron fencing is another great choice when you want a durable fence. These fences don’t block visibility, but they look great and can provide security. Tall wrought iron fences can be shaped at the top of the part of the fence to deter intruders.

There are many ornaments that you can add to a wrought iron fence. While most are purely for decoration, some of the decorative elements can also provide security because they make the fence top spiked.

Wrought iron fences are durable and will last for many years. If a wrought iron fence gets damaged and the coating crack or flakes off, you will need fence repair. Keeping your wrought iron fence in good condition will help to ensure it doesn’t rust or break down.

Choose Stump Fence For Fencing Installation and Repair in West Covina

Stump Fence has been locally owned and operated since 1997. We’re the most reputable and well-established fencing company in West Covina. You can count on our staff to use high-quality materials and deliver top-notch workmanship.

We’re committed to a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every fencing installation or repair service. You’ll love the way your fence looks! We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured. There’s no need to continue searching for a local fencing company near you, call Stump Fence today for a no-obligation fencing consultation with one of our expert fence installers.