5 star ratingMatt Stump came out and walked my property and provided a fair price 9 years ago for a second property I own and we accepted the bid and the work was excellent then. WAIT THERES MORE.......I recently brought him back for the house that I live in and again we walked the job. With no other bids..... I wanted Stump Fence again because of the quality of their work and what I feel is a fair price. They completed the job today February 17, 2021 after three days of hard work. The fence looks spectacular we are very pleased with the quality of the work. We had two crews and I want to call out their names as they are assets to Stump Fence, Jos'e, Reed, Luis and Danny. They all worked hard, safely, wore their masks. The work sight was clean went they left every night. They communicated with me as the job progressed. They respect the client and want to make sure your satisfied. John in Porter Ranch
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Fencing Company in Covina

If you’re looking for a Covina fencing service, you need to call Stump Fence. For over 25 years, Stump Fence has provided residential and commercial fencing services to the Covina community.

When you hire Stump Fence for Covina fencing, you’ll get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. All workmanship and materials are of the highest quality. Our team will help you determine which fencing style and materials you need. We can custom design and build fences for all your needs.

How to Choose Your Fence Material

Some fencing companies have a limited selection of fence materials, but when you choose Stump Fence to be your fencing contractor in Covina, you’ll get access to our extensive list of fencing materials.

When you call us for an appointment, we will assess your needs and inspect the area you need to enclose. After that, we will ask you questions about your specific needs, including:

  • How large (or small) of an area do you need to fence?
  • Do you have any restrictions you must follow?
  • Is there a specific color or feature you need?
  • Do you need your fence to provide privacy or security?
  • How many gates do you need the fence to have?
  • How tall of a fence do you need?
  • Are there decorative elements you want to be added to your fence?

By asking these questions, our fencing company can understand your specific needs. We will make a recommendation for which fencing material is best. Our customers choose the most common fencing materials: wrought iron, wood, vinyl, and chain link. We have found these materials to be versatile and durable when installed by our expert staff.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fences are durable and long-lasting. The material can withstand weathering so long as the coating is in good condition. We are able to install wrought iron fencing for smaller projects, like enclosing your garden area, or larger projects, like securing a commercial building or property.

Wrought iron is a heavy material that will hold up over time. You can design a wrought iron fence so that it cannot be scaled, which will improve the security of your property. Wrought iron fences can also be very decorative in addition to being functional. You can choose from short or tall fencing. Wrought iron is a great choice if you need to cover larger areas or you want the area on the other side of the fence to be visible.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is available in a variety of colors and styles. Customers are able to choose wood fencing that’s short or tall. You can request a picket fence, board-on-board fence, split rail fence, privacy fence, and so much more.

Wood is the most common fencing material used in residential areas. We only use the highest quality wood planks, so your fence will be durable and hold up over time. You can choose to add one or more manual gates to make your property more accessible.

Commercial properties and businesses can also choose to install a wood fence. Split rail fences are often used to enclose large areas. Choosing a split rail style provides a well-enclosed area at a lower price point than side-by-side or board-on-board wood fence styles.

Wood fencing in Covina must be stained and sealed to protect it from the elements. Covina wood fencing can break down over time if left untreated. Our fencing contractors are able to apply stains to new or existing fences to protect your fence from rain, insects, and other potentially damaging elements. We can also help you choose a stain color.

Vinyl Fencing

Have you considered installing colored vinyl fencing? Many people search for vinyl fencing near you because the material doesn’t break down and comes colored directly from the manufacturer. This means that vinyl fencing in Covina doesn’t need to be treated or stained.

You should consider Covina vinyl fencing if you want a style similar to wood fencing. With a vinyl fence, you can get tongue-and-groove panels, picket fencing, split rail, and so much more. You can choose colors like white, tan, or wood-like coloring.

Depending on the style chosen, vinyl fences can be difficult to scale, which makes them great for securing pool areas. Vinyl fencing is available in various heights. Your fence height can provide privacy or leave your space open and visible.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing in Covina has many uses. Customers choose chain link fencing for residential enclosures, custom dog kennels, community park boundaries, sporting fields, and more. You might see chain link fencing used in high-security areas, like government buildings.

Covina chain link fencing can be used temporarily or installed permanently. The metal used in chain link fencing is coated to resist weathering and rust.

Gates, Decorative Elements, and More

As your preferred fencing contractor, we will not only help you choose the best fence material for your needs, but we will also ensure you get the additional features to make your fence functional.

When you work with our fencing company, you will be able to decide how many gates your fence needs. We can install manual swing gates or automatic sliding gates. The size of your fence will factor into the number of gates you choose.

You can also choose from decorative features, colors, and safety features for your new fence. Please let us know if there’s something specific you have in mind.

For a Local Fencing Company, Call Stump Fence in Covina

Have you searched for a local fencing company near you? Make sure you choose a well-established, reputable fencing company, like Stump Fence. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured local fencing company in Covina. We’re also locally owned and operated.

Our professional and reliable staff will help you with your fencing needs, from start to finish. We help you with material selection, design, installation, and repair services. Stop searching for a fencing contractor near you and call Stump Fence in Covina for a free quote for your Covina fence.