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Fencing Company in Montclair

For over 25 years, Stump Fence has built durable and long-lasting fences. Whether you need a new fence installed, want to replace an existing fence, or need repairs made, you should call our local fencing company. We provide local fencing services to Montclair and the surrounding area.

Don’t waste time searching for a local fencing company near you, call Stump Fence for a free estimate. When you hire Stump Fence, our expert team members will recommend fencing material based on your specific needs. We can custom-design a functional and well-looking fence.

As the leading fencing contractor in Montclair, we provide every customer with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We start each job with the highest quality materials from trusted manufacturers and reliable suppliers. Work is completed promptly and professionally. We leave each job site with a completed fence that meets your needs.

Commercial and Residential Fencing Services

Not all fencing companies take on residential and commercial projects, however, our fencing company can help with your fencing project, no matter how big or small your need is. We have helped land developers, industrial clients, homeowners, and more.

Our local fencing company in Montclair provides fencing options for commercial customers. We start by inspecting the area where the fencing is needed and we listen to your needs. We have installed Montclair fences around public schools, parks, government buildings, churches, shopping centers, and so much more. Our commercial fencing can help secure your property while making it look nice at the same time.

Our Montclair fencing service also includes installing fences in residential areas. Our fencing contractor can enclose your backyard, line your property, or secure your pool. We also complete specialty projects, like garden fences and animal enclosures.

As the leading local fencing company in Montclair, we pride ourselves on offering the best fencing services, including installation and repairs. When you schedule a consultation with us we will take measurements, review what features you want, and discuss which fencing materials will work for your specific needs.

How to Choose Your Fencing Material

It can be overwhelming to choose a fence material because there are advantages and disadvantages to the different materials. You have to compare costs, upkeep or maintenance requirements, durability, and design capabilities, at a minimum.

Our representative will help you narrow down your choices by asking you questions like:

  • What do you need your fence for?
  • Is there a particular style you like?
  • Are you looking to add security or privacy to your property?
  • How long do you need your fence to be?
  • How tall do you need your fence to be?

When you call Stump Fence, you can stop searching for a fencing contractor near you. We can handle all of your fencing needs from the project’s start to its finish.

Vinyl Fencing in Montclair

You should consider Montclair vinyl fencing if you want a low maintenance fence that’s fade-resistant and weather-resistant. Colored vinyl fencing comes pre-colored straight from the manufacturer. You won’t have to worry about sealing it or staining it.

You might find vinyl fencing near you in residential areas, apartment complexes, or around large properties. There are many styles of vinyl fencing. You can choose from tongue-and-groove planks that interlock, split rail, lattice, or picket. Vinyl fencing can be short or tall.

If you need something that is difficult to climb, a tall tongue-and-groove vinyl fence might be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something to cover a large area or a fence that doesn’t block your view, you might consider a split rail style.

Montclair Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a popular fencing option if you need a fence installed quickly. Chain link fencing in Montclair is also a cost-effective option. The metal of a chain link fence is galvanized to increase its durability and resist rust.

Chain link fencing is often used in residential areas to enclose a backyard or to create an animal enclosure, like a dog kennel or chicken coup. You can also use chain link fencing to enclose or secure your pool area.

Chain link fencing can be found across multiple commercial applications. It’s often used temporarily in construction projects. Chain link fencing can be installed with barbed wire for high-security areas, like government facilities.

Chain link fences can be short or tall, depending on what you need. It’s possible to decrease the visibility by adding mesh fencing or PVC slats to the fence. Like with other fencing materials, you can add manual or automatic gates to a chain link fence.

Wrought Iron Fencing in Montclair

If you are looking to beautify your space or add a level of security without using barbed wire, a wrought iron fence could be what you need. Wrought iron fences are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. They are weather-resistant so long as the finish is intact.

Wrought iron fencing is perfect for your garden, city park, church property, or even your large commercial space. Fencing can also be shaped to deter climbers or to add a certain style to your fence.

Montclair Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the most common type of fencing material. If you need wood fencing in Montclair, give us a call. We install everything from wooden farm fencing to privacy fencing to simple backyard enclosures. You can choose from a variety of styles, like side-by-side or board-on-board planks, lattice, picket, or split rail.

Choose Stump Fence in Montclair

Stump Fence is committed to customer satisfaction and offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every fencing project. We’re a well-established, reputable fencing company. We’ve been locally owned and operated since 1997, and we’re licensed, insured, and bonded.

There’s no need to continue searching for a local fencing company near you–contact Stump Fence to get your fencing project started promptly. Our professional staff is reliable and delivers the highest quality workmanship. Call us today to arrange a fencing consultation.