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Fencing Company in Hacienda Heights

When you need custom residential or commercial fencing in Hacienda Heights, you need to call Stump Fence. We have over 25 years of experience with custom design, new fencing installations, fence replacements, and fencing repairs. Our fencing contractors have the best workmanship and will install quality materials to create a top-of-the-line fence that meets your needs.

Since we have so much fencing experience, we can work with you and help you understand which fence style and the material will work best for your project. Our local fencing company works with reputable suppliers to get you wood, vinyl, chain link, or wrought iron for your fence.

Wood Fencing in Hacienda Heights

Fences has been made from wood for hundreds of years. Our local fencing company in Hacienda Heights is able to install various styles of wood fencing to meet your needs. Wood fencing is a popular choice because the material is readily available and is renewable and eco-friendly. There are several wood fencing styles available for your residential or commercial wood fence.

There are many styles of wood fencing that work well in residential areas. If you’re looking to enclose your backyard and want to increase your personal privacy, you might want to choose a style like side-by-side plank or overlapping board-on-board.

You can also install wood fencing for larger home sites with split rail fencing. Split rail fencing uses less material and is a cost-effective option for residential wood fencing in Hacienda Heights. We have also helped customers install lattice and picket fencing in their yards.

If you’re looking for commercial wood fencing in Hacienda Heights, you might also want to consider split rail fencing. Decorative wood fences, like lattice and picket, are also good if you want to beautify your commercial space.

Chain Link Fencing in Hacienda Heights

Chain link fencing is another cost-effective fence material. Hacienda Heights chain link fencing is made by weaving galvanized metal together and installing it onto metal fence posts. The fence can create a high-security area if it has add-ons like barbed or razor wire. It’s also possible to decrease visibility to the other side of the fence by installing PVC slats or mesh fabric to the fence.

Chain link fences are often used in residential areas to enclose a backyard or secure a pool area. It’s also possible to line your property with chain link fencing. Chain link fencing is one of the best fencing materials for specialty or custom fencing.

Commercial chain link fencing in Hacienda Heights is often found at outdoor public spaces as well as to secure government buildings. We are able to add gates, both manual and automatic, to your chain link fence.

Vinyl Fencing in Hacienda Heights

Vinyl fencing near you is an increasingly popular material for new fence installations. That’s because vinyl fencing is a great alternative to wood fencing. Additionally, vinyl fencing won’t fade in the sun or rot due to wet weather conditions.

If you’re interested in having a colored vinyl fence installed in Hacienda Heights, call our fencing company for help. We can show you the various styles and color options. You can choose styles like tongue-and-groove, lattice, picket, split rail, and more. You can choose color options like classic white, shades of tan, or even colors like woodgrain.

Vinyl fencing is great for both residential and commercial fencing projects because it’s eco-friendly and comes colored straight from the manufacturer. There’s no need to sray sealant, pain, or stain on your property. Installation through one of our fence contractors is quick and easy.

It’s possible to add decorative and functional features to your vinyl fence. We can help you choose a design that will beautify your space while keeping it secure and functional. We can also install custom gates so you can easily access your property.

In the unlikely event that your vinyl fence gets damaged, our fencing company can help you with repair services. Repairing a vinyl fence can be difficult when attempted by inexperienced contractors, which is why you should call our fencing company for help with vinyl fencing near you.

Wrought Iron Fencing in Hacienda Heights

Wrought iron fencing is made from strong metal material. It’s coated to protect the fence from rust due to wet conditions. It’s important for you to choose a professional fencing company to install your wrought iron fence because installation can be difficult and challenging.

Our team members are experts in installing and repairing wrought iron fences. We can help you pick a style with or without added decorative pieces. We can also install gates to your wrought iron fence. It’s possible to have your wrought iron fence specially shaped to deter people from climbing the fence.

Many residential neighborhoods have homeowners with wrought iron fences. You might want to install a wrought iron fence around your garden, on your property line, or across your backyard. Wrought iron fencing is preferred by homeowners because it won’t rot and isn’t affected by insect damage.

Commercial wrought iron fences are requested by many companies and business owners. Wrought iron Hacienda Heights fences can create a cohesive look across a business complex. It can also help secure balcony spaces for apartment complexes. Most importantly, having the right fence can secure your property and protect your assets. When you’re ready for wrought iron fence installation in Hacienda Heights, call us for a no-obligation consultation.

Hire Stump Fence for Hacienda Heights Fencing Installation & Repair Services

Call Stump Fence when you’re ready to stop the search for a local fencing company near you and get started on your fencing project. We have over 25 years of experience installing and repairing commercial and residential fences.

Since 1997, we’ve been a reputable fencing company that’s committed to customer satisfaction. We are locally owned and operated. Additionally, we’re licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your Hacienda Heights fencing project. Stump Fence is here to help you get a beautiful and functional fence.