They repaired a wood fence for me. Great work and attention to detail. I would highly recommend them. I will definitely use them again. Thanks Matt and team
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Fencing Company in Ontario

Call Stump Fence if you need a Ontario fencing service. We have provided commercial and residential fencing services to the community for over 25 years.

You’ll get our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee when you hire our company for Ontario fencing. We use the highest quality materials, and our contractors are fence installation and repair experts.

When you call Stump Fence, one of our representatives will review the different fencing materials and styles with you, so you get everything you want in a fence. Our team will custom-design and professionally build your fence.

How to Choose Fencing Material

Unlike other fencing companies, Stump Fence has access to various fencing materials sizes and styles. This is why we are the number one fencing contractor in Ontario.

When a representative meets with you during a fencing consultation, they will help you understand the advantages of each fencing material. They will ask you questions about your fencing needs, for example:

  • What’s the size of the area you need to enclose?
  • Are there any size or material restrictions you must follow?
  • Are you looking for a specific color?
  • What features do you need?
  • Are you looking for a privacy or security fence?
  • Is there a specific style you’re looking for?

Our fencing company will learn exactly what kind of fence you need when they get the answers to these questions. We can help you weigh your options for the different materials. Common fencing materials are wrought iron, chain link, wood, and vinyl. These are the most versatile and durable fencing materials you can choose from.

Fencing Features to Consider

During your fencing consultation, the fencing contractor will talk to you about the different fencing features you might want. We help you determine which features you need to be added to your fence, so your fence is functional and looks great.

Our fencing company is able to install fencing features like manual or automatic gates. We can apply sealant or stain to your fence. You will be able to choose from aesthetic features, like the color and style you want. You can also add safety features to your fence.

Wrought Iron Fencing

You might want wrought iron fencing if you need a sturdy and long-lasting fence. The material is heavy-duty and will hold up for years to come. Wrought iron resists deterioration from weathering and isn’t damaged by insects. You can choose to install a wrought iron fence around your garden or pool to make your space look pretty. We can also install wrought iron fencing for commercial buildings, city parks, and more.

Wrought iron fencing can be shaped in a way that adds a higher level of security to your property. You can choose a short, decorative wrought iron fence, or you can choose a tall wrought iron fence. Taller fences are difficult to climb and will deter intruders. Wrought iron is also a great choice if you don’t want to block your view and want to have visibility through your fence.

Chain Link Fencing

There are many uses for chain link fencing in Ontario. It can be used in many residential and commercial applications. Chain link fencing makes great temporary fencing for sporting events, concerts, and construction projects. It also makes great permanent fencing.

Ontario chain link fencing can be installed for smaller projects, like residential property lines or yard enclosures. It can also be installed for larger projects, like schoolyards or park enclosures.

Chain link fencing comes in various heights and can quickly be installed on your property. It’s also a good choice if you need to secure a facility or property. You can add features like mesh or PVC slats to decrease visibility. You can also add razor wire or barbed wire to add a level of security to the fence.

Wood Fencing

One of the most common fencing materials in Ontario is wood. Wood fencing can be installed in several different styles. You can stain or paint the wood for virtually endless color possibilities. Wood fencing can be short or tall, create privacy or allow visibility. There are style configurations to make your wood fence cost-effective.

Residential wood fences are often installed in the form of planks. You can choose from board-on-board or side-by-side planks. Other style options include split rail, lattice, and picket. You can have one or more gates added to your wood fence.

It’s important to have your wood fencing in Ontario properly treated. Adding a sealant or stain to your fence can increase the length of time your fence will stay in good condition. It’s possible for Ontario wood fencing to weather or sustain damage from insects if left untreated. Talk to your fencing contractor about the types of stains and sealants that are available. Our goal is to install your wood fence to be weather and insect-resistant.

Vinyl Fencing

Colored vinyl fencing comes in sizes and styles similar to wood fencing. Our local fencing company has access to colors like white, tan, or wood-like coloring. Many people prefer vinyl fencing because it comes pre-stained from the factory and is weather-resistant. If you’ve been searching for vinyl fencing near you, call us. We can go over all of your vinyl fencing options.

Vinyl fencing in Ontario comes in lattice, picket, split rail, and tongue-and-groove styles. Our professional installers can help you choose which size and style you want for your Ontario vinyl fencing.

Call Stump Fence in Ontario

If your search history includes searching for a local fencing company near you, give Stump Fence a call. We’re a well-established, reputable fencing company. We’re the best locally owned and operated fencing company in Ontario. We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured.

Staff members are prompt and professional. We will help you with all of your fencing needs, including material selection, custom design, installation services, and more. When you need a local fencing contractor, call Stump Fence in Ontario. We can provide you with a free and firm quote for your new Ontario fence.