5 star ratingStump Fence recently installed a redwood cap and trim fence in our backyard. After getting a few quotes, we went with Stump because of their outstanding customer service and top notch craftsmanship- we have seen their work around Glendora (fences in our neighborhood with the Stump sticker!), and on their website, and it was by far superior to the other few places we consulted. Our new fence is beautiful!
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Fencing Company in Walnut

Stump Fence is the leading provider of commercial and residential fencing installation and repair services. We have served the community of Walnut for over 25 years. When you need local fencing services, call Stump Fence. We complete quality repairs, replace existing fences, and can help with new fencing design and installation.

We only hire professional and reliable team members. Call us for a consultation to get a custom-designed fence that you’ll enjoy for years to come. We will complete your fencing project with high-quality materials and top-notch workmanship. Keep reading to learn more about the fencing materials we use to complete an assortment of fencing projects.

Wood Fencing

The most traditional and common choice for fencing in Walnut is wood fencing. When you need to install new Walnut wood fencing or if your existing wood fence needs minor repairs, call our local fencing company today.

Our local fencing company in Walnuts will inspect your existing fence and determine what’s needed to repair damaged or worn-down wood fencing. If you’re looking for a new fence, we will measure the space and custom-design a fence in the style you want. We can help you with your commercial or residential fencing needs.

Here are some examples of our previous projects for commercial wood fencing in Walnut:

  • Board-on-board privacy fencing
  • Large area picket fencing
  • Large area one or two split rail fencing
  • Lattice fencing
  • Horizontal plank fencing

Here are some examples of our previous projects for residential wood fencing in Walnut:

  • Board-on-board privacy fencing
  • Side-by-side plank fencing
  • Picket fence property or yard border
  • Lattice fencing for gardens

Our fencing company will not only help with the design and installation of your wood fence, but we will also ensure the wood is properly treated and sealed to withstand weathering and repel insect damage.

We can also help you add decorative elements, like a top cap or dog-eared planks. Our team can install special features like manual push gates, sliding gates, and automatic gates.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a popular fence material because it’s great for a variety of commercial or residential projects. These fences can be installed to be plain and simple, or they can be specially designed.

Here are some examples of our previous projects for commercial chain link fencing in Walnut:

  • City park fencing
  • Sports field and backdrop fencing
  • High-security fencing
  • Government building fencing

Here are some examples of our previous projects for residential chain link fencing in Walnut:

  • Garden fencing for protection from rodents and small animals
  • Yard or property line fencing
  • Animal enclosures, like for chickens or dogs
  • Secure backyard pool areas

We can also recommend features to help increase the privacy of a chain link fence. For example, we can install PVC slats or attach mesh to the chain link fence to decrease visibility through the fence.

Vinyl Fencing

Contact our professional fencing contractor service in Walnut to put an end to your search for vinyl fencing near you. Our company can design and install new vinyl fencing. We can also help with repair services if your existing vinyl fence has been damaged.

When you install a new vinyl fence, you can choose from colored vinyl fencing options. This includes wood-like coloring, tan, and white options. All vinyl fencing comes colored by the manufacturer, so there’s no need to seal or spray on your property. Vinyl is fade-resistant and won’t rot or deteriorate over time due to wet conditions.

Here are some examples of our previous projects for commercial vinyl fencing in Walnut:

  • Land development and housing tract fencing
  • Commercial or industrial building split rail fencing
  • Large area picket fencing
  • Apartment complex fencing
  • Shopping center fencing

Here are some examples of our previous projects for residential vinyl fencing in Walnut:

  • Backyard enclosures with tongue-and-groove planks
  • Front or full yard enclosures with picket panels
  • Property division between your house and farmland
  • Garden enclosure
  • Decorative fencing

Vinyl fencing is an increasingly popular option because it comes in many styles that are similar to wood fencing options. Contact us today to see examples of our vinyl fencing installations.

Wrought Iron Fencing

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable metal fence then you should contact us about wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron fencing not only looks appealing, but it’s functional, too. This heavy duty material can be used for large or small fencing projects. Contacting local fencing companies is your best option for when you want to install a wrought iron fence.

Our fencing company will install wrought iron Walnut fences because they create a beautiful space as well as increase your property’s level of security without the use of barbed wire.

Here are some examples of our previous projects for commercial wrought iron fencing in Walnut:

  • Tall and shaped security fencing
  • Commercial and industrial complex fencing
  • City park or public school fencing
  • Apartment complex and balcony fencing

Here are some examples of our previous projects for residential wrought iron fencing in Walnut:

  • Garden fencing
  • Property boundary line fencing
  • Secure backyard pool areas
  • Create open fencing for visibility in green spaces

In addition to installation service, we are also able to complete wrought iron fence repairs for fences that have sustained damage. It’s important to keep your fence’s coating in good repair, so the material does not rust when wet.

Hire Stump Fence for Professional Walnut Fencing Service

Don’t get overwhelmed when searching for a local fencing company near you. Simply call Stump Fence for fencing contractor services in Walnut. We’ve been a well-established and reputable fencing company since 1997. We’re locally owned and operated, too.

Our local fencing company is dedicated to providing quality products and materials for all fencing installations. We back our work and service with our 100% customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Our job’s not done until you’re completely happy with your fence. When you’re ready to start your Walnut fencing project, call Stump Fence and arrange a no-obligation consultation.