5 star ratingI had a problem finding a replacement part for my gate following wind damage. I inquired here through Yelp in an effort to find the part which seems to be out of stock or obsolete. They were quick to respond and helpful, even offering to make a similar part. I reccomend them!
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Fencing Company in La Verne

Stump Fence has served commercial and residential customers in La Verne since 1997. Our team works hard to help customers choose a fencing material and style to complete their fencing needs.

Customers can feel secure when choosing Stump Fence because we offer 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Additionally, we’re licensed, insured, and bonded. There’s not a better local fencing contractor in La Verne.

High-Quality Fencing Materials

Our team only uses the highest quality fencing materials from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. When you hire our local fencing company in La Verne, we will listen to your needs and make a recommendation.

Once you have picked out your fencing material, your fencing contractor will custom-design your fence. All of the fences we install are done so by professional staff with top-notch workmanship. Keep reading to learn more about La Verne fence materials.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is versatile and can be installed quickly. The metal material is galvanized to resist weathering. Chain link fencing in La Verne is used in both residential and commercial applications.

If you’re a homeowner, you might want La Verne chain link fencing if you want to enclose your backyard or need a dog kennel. While chain link fencing doesn’t add much privacy to your yard, it is one of the most economical fencing options available. You can add PVC slats to your chain link fence if you want something more private.

Chain link fencing is also used in a lot of commercial applications. It can be installed for temporary or permanent fencing needs. You might see chain link fencing used for anything from parks to high-security areas.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is a more durable fence material than chain link fencing. You can expect to have a long-lasting fence if you choose to install a wrought iron fence. We can help with wrought iron fencing design, installation, and repair services.

Wrought iron fencing is used in residential areas to secure pools and add a decorative touch to homes and gardens. Commercially, wrought iron is used to secure large areas or signify a property line. The fence can provide security while also beautifying your space. Wrought iron is also a good choice for areas where you don’t want to block visibility.

Wood Fencing

One of the most widely used fencing materials is wood. Wood fencing can be installed in a variety of colors. Using a sealant on wood fencing in La Verne is essential to help the wood resist weathering and insect damage.

You can choose from several styles of La Verne wood fencing. Here are a few examples of the styles of wood fencing you might want to add to your property:

  • Side-by-side plank
  • Board-on-board plank
  • Lattice
  • Picket
  • Split rail

These styles offer differing levels of enclosure and privacy. Call us today to see which style works best for your needs.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great alternative to wood fencing. You can even get colored vinyl fencing to look like wood. The material is dyed in production. This process eliminates the need to use sealants or stains and keeps the fence rich in color for years to come.

Vinyl fencing in La Verne is common in housing developments, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. If you need help finding a contractor that provides vinyl fencing near you, call Stump Fence. We offer La Verne vinyl fencing for residential and commercial projects.

How to Choose Your Fence Material

Our local fencing company works hard to understand your needs so we can design and build a functional and appealing fence. While other fencing companies only provide standard services, we go the extra mile by custom-designing and installing your fence.

We will review your specific needs when you make an appointment with us. Here are a few of the questions we will ask to determine which fencing material will work best for your needs:

  • How long or short of a fence do you need?
  • How tall or short of a fence do you need?
  • Do you need any special fencing features, like automatic gates?
  • Do you need your fence to provide privacy or security features?
  • Are there any special colors or decorative elements you would like?
  • What kind of maintenance are you comfortable handling?

When we ask these questions, it helps us understand what fence style and material will work best for you. We will also work with you to understand what you’re looking for in other fence features.

Residential and Commercial Fencing Projects

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, we can help you with your project. There’s no need to search for another local fencing company near you. Our fencing company proudly completes jobs of every size and complexity.

Most residential customers call us for help with backyard enclosures. We are also able to build fences to border your entire property line, enclose a pool or garden, help provide your home with additional privacy, and much more.

Commercial customers call us for help with securing their property and commercial buildings. We are able to provide cost-effective fencing for a variety of commercial projects. We have helped land developers with fence tracts, high-security fencing, decorative fencing, and everything in between.

When you’re ready to start your fencing project, call Stump Fence. You’ll get quick and professional service from the first appointment to the project’s completion.

Why Choose Stump Fence for La Verne Fencing Services

Stump Fence is committed to customer service, which is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The job’s not done until you’re satisfied and the job site is clean. We are the area’s leading fencing company. We have completed residential and commercial projects for our customers for over 25 years.

Stump Fence isn’t your ordinary fencing contractor. We are able to custom-design and build new fences, replace existing fences, and repair damaged fences. Quit searching for fencing contractors near you and call Stump Fence today. You’ll get a free quote and the best customer service available.